Why Huggies® Wipes?

Our wipes go beyond cleaning, offering gentle natural care
to ensure that your baby can thrive!


The natural difference

Huggies® Wipes are different.

They are made with natural* absorbent fibres that gently clean and protect baby's delicate skin. 

*65% pulp

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Naturally Absorbent

With their unique technology, Huggies® Wipes offer the softest, kindest caring even for the most sensitive skin, absorbing messes without effort.

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Less mess, no fuss

Huggies® Wipes make cleaning up a worry-free experience letting you focus on bonding with your little one. 

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Hypoallergenic and clinically tested

Free from alcohol, phenoxyethanol and parabens, Huggies® Wipes are Hypoallergenic and clinically tested as safe even for the most sensitive little ones. 

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Natalie Lee

Midwife & infant feeding specialist

“When picking a wipe I’d always advise using one with no alcohol and parabens… The more natural a product is, the less irritation you’re likely to cause to the skin.”

Huggies® Wipes are made from gentle natural* fibres so they don’t irritate baby’s delicate skin.

“As a midwife parents often look to me for advice. One of the first things they want to know is how to change their baby’s nappy and what products to use. I always recommend parents use something soft and gentle on baby to avoid any unnecessary irritation to their delicate skin. Practicality is important as a parent and so I advise Huggies® Wipes which are made with natural*, absorbent fibres and are completely free from alcohol, phenoxyethanol and parabens. They’re not only useful for newborn babies, my children are now 3 and 7 years old, I always carry a packet around with me for those ‘just in case’ moments.”

*65% pulp

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Gayle Berry

Infant massage & baby yoga expert

“Nappy changing offers a special time to bond with your baby as you have the opportunity for eye contact, touching and talking together. Reducing artificial smells in the products you use means that baby can recognise your special scent which encourages the bonding process and is kind to both you and your baby’s skin”

Huggies® Wipes are free from alcohol and perfumes to give a natural, cleaning experience for your baby. 

“Taking the opportunity to bond with your baby is so important. Huggies® Wipes are a fantastic choice for you and your baby as they are made with gentle natural* fibres meaning they're kind on your baby’s skin and don’t interfere with the bonding process. Babies are very sensitive to smell and your baby’s awareness of your natural scent is an important way in which he can recognise you. It’s a great idea to limit artificial smells (Huggies® Pure Wipes contain no perfume). Your baby’s skin can be sensitive so using a range natural products is important.”

*65% pulp

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