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What We're Doing to Reduce Our Footprint

All leading brand baby wipes contain plastic.

Just like you, we’re concerned about the impact this is having on our environment.

While Huggies® Baby Wipes contain up to 50% less plastic than other leading brands, our goal is to make a wipe that’s 100% plastic free, with packaging that’s able to go in your home recycling bin.

Making this change requires a lot of research and investment and unfortunately that takes time.

As part of our Tiniest Footprint™ mission, we’ll be making some big changes:

In 2019

  • All Huggies® Baby wipes packs were labelled with their natural fibre and plastic content
  • We removed a lorry load (about 15 tonnes) of plastic year from our Huggies® Extra Care range of baby wipes.
  • We stopped using plastic bags within our 12 and 18 pack boxes, removing about 43 tonnes of plastic a year.

In 2020

  • We removed 359 tonnes of plastic from our total wipes portfolio (based on annual volumes)
  • We launched our first fully biodegradable baby wipes product, Huggies® Pure Biodegradable

In 2021

  • Our packaging will be recyclable along with your carrier bags

Within five years (or sooner if we can)

  • Our wipes will be plastic-free
  • And our packaging will be recyclable in your home recycling bin

To meet these challenges, we’re working with world-leading universities and environmental organisations to make sustainable baby skincare a reality for everyone.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to reduce how much plastic from Baby Wipes end up in the natural environment…

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