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Tiny Humans, Big Changes with Greener Huggies® Baby Wipes

We believe no parent should have to compromise between caring for their baby and caring for the environment. Our Huggies® Tiniest Footprint™ mission aims to make Huggies® Baby Wipes as gentle on the planet as they are on your baby’s skin.

Huggies® Baby Wipes can help you save 63 plastic bottles a year.

Every human can change the world, even the tiniest. Just by switching to Huggies® Baby Wipes, your baby can reduce your household plastic consumption by the equivalent of 63 plastic bottles* per year.

*Based on 500ml sized bottles

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Huggies® will be making three big changes

This year

  • Our packaging will be recyclable along with your carrier bags.

Within five years

(or sooner if we can)

  • Our wipes will be plastic-free.
  • And our packaging will be recyclable in your home recycling bin.

To meet these challenges, we’re working with world-leading universities and environmental organisations to make sustainable baby skincare a reality for everyone.

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You can help today by taking #ThreeTinySteps

  1. Never flush baby wipes down the toilet.
  2. Recycle packaging wherever possible.
  3. Choose Huggies® Baby Wipes over other leading brands to reduce your plastic use.

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